1 year ago I had Covid, today I...

Today marks a year. April 8th, 2020 last year i was contemplating whether or not i should call an ambulance and go to hospital because I had covid. I survived, i lived. I have to believe there was a reason for that. Alot of things have happened in the last year. Things i'm still working thru. If i had not experienced this last year i wouldn't be here now, where i am.  


Ok so I have been sitting on this video for longer than a year. So here is a little backstory. In the beginning of 2020 I was and Uber driver I was also a part-time bartender aside from running this business. I hadn't yet considered it to be a full-time gig.

My bartending job had these artist grants once a year. I had previously applied for one and didn't get it for my freelance photography. This year I was ready. Before anything I always had a clear vision of what I was going to do in my mind I already drafted a whole business plan, i just didn't know it at the time. My plan... I'd work on my craft get better at it. Start e-commerce site then after I would do markets to spread the word. Build my email list.

When I got the opportunity to enter the grant again I knew I had to. This time around they want it a video as an entry and I was hyped because visuals is my thing. So I started jotting down ideas drafted the copy, recorded the content and eventually I had the video. This is the entry video the goal is to streamline production necessary to obtain more wholesale Orders, which would allow me to scale my business and grow. I submitted it, I definitely made it through the second round the next step was a budget showing what we would use the funds for. Easy peasy... i've had the list in my head for ever. Lol


Unfortunately I never got around to sending that budget because the grant was indefinitely postponed because of coronavirus. I was furloughed, but I still had Uber to supplement my income. Then I got sick I got the Rona really bad. I made it out alive still trying to get through it. I couldn't bring myself to keep driving Uber, no matter how much debt i was falling into. I still had some PTSD from getting sick the first time. And honestly i was scared to get sick again and depressed.

Long story short but not really, It has taken me a lot of time and mental energy to decide to do this full-time to give it my all to not have any back ups to put all my energy and trust in the universe, and in myself. That my work is going to pay off. I have never done this before and I am seriously scared but also excited about all the opportunities. I'm doing something that I'm passionate about and that helps others. Although I never got around to getting the grant. I still have a lot of plans, and there are other grants.

Everything happens for a reason and I think if I would've kept holding onto my security blankets. I wouldn't have taken such a risk at a time like this. Where everyone is struggling. It's a scary time to go for your dreams better better now than ever.

Thank you everyone who has shown support for what I do and what I plan to do, it means the world. I never would've gotten so far without you so. This year i was focused and i accomplished alot and it has allowed me to define what i really have to offer. Yes i make skin care products rooted in spirituality and good energy.  But this year i was able to really focus on my mental health struggles and use that as away to bring comfort to others. My purpose has been revealed and i'm so excited to continue this work.

"I'm officially throwing in the towel"

The security blanket towel that is. lol I'm putting this out into the universe I am 100% invested in making this work. This is my number one priority this is my baby and I shall treat this like my main job not a hustle anymore. (not that i ever treated as a hustle) Don't get me wrong the hustle still in me, I am a New Yorker after all but I'm putting all my eggs in one basket and I'm not giving up. I'm not quitting ever. I'm officially self employed. So here's to new beginnings. Here's to future me and everything that I will accomplish and that warehouse space that I've been dreaming about and those workshop classes that I've been planning and all the other products that I haven't yet thought of that let my help anyone going thru a hard time. Cheers to that. Cheers to following your dreams wholeheartedly even when you're terrified. I believe in my vision and i believe that if i can do it you can to. Wish me luck🤞🏼

Ps. Fuck Covid

Pps. How are you guys doing? how are you guys feeling, it's been a heavy year. Talk to me.


  • I love your soup, but now I remember not to dig for the crystal! And I didn’t know that so many people love your soup as well. thank you for your awesomeness!

  • From the moment we first met, I loved your energy and knew you were talented with photography. As you know, I’ve been following the growth of this awesome company, while also praying that you recovered well, and stayed well, As a sole proprietor, myself, I know the passion behind a dream and vision can be what carries your business in tough times, but more importantly, imbues it with a special something that everyone who does business with you feels! Of course, the products and service need be good too. Well, your products have been blowing me away! That’s from someone who is extremely picky about these types of products. Big time! It’s amazing that I LOVE everything I’ve bought and tried ( your generous samples have been wonderful). Congratulations on your first year and embarking on this full time. Brava!

  • I absolutely LOVE your products! I am beyond thankful that I found your website a year and half ago! I save all the crystals too. I am sooo thankful that you survived covid and that everything is going well for you! You are an inspiration! Cheers to your future!


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