Covid-19 Update + Restock Announcement!!

So for those that noticed our absence in social media in the last 3 weeks. In an effort to be completely transparent here goes nothing.

I run Crystal + Irie alone.  Social media, production, shipping, everything. Around April 7th, I started to feel weird symptoms so I started isolation. A few days after I wasn't feeling any better and started having trouble breathing, my chest was tight, had a high fever, and was very weak. Having had pneumonia a few years ago I knew what these symptoms are and how severe they are so I decided to call an ambulance.
Once I was in the ambulance they gave me oxygen and drove me to the hospital. I was walked into an outdoor tent triage, where my vitals were taken. In my PJs outside a white tent with security with a fever of 102.1. Trembling, scared and struggling to breathe. I waited while they found my information in the system. Of course, as I waited there was a crazy man screaming obscenities about Corona being a hoax and about him not being able to get tested. I sat there freezing while listening to this madness as I struggled to breathe and this man was not helping my anxiety.

Over the past few weeks, I'd been reading all the stories of how unprepared hospitals are, how NYC has the worst cases, about death, shortage of supplies. This honestly made me very scared to go to a hospital in the first place but I knew I had to.

After a while, they brought me into a tent where I was told I probably am COVID positive. They tested me outside in triage. Then walked me inside had me lay in a stretcher and pushed me into the hallway into the Blue zone.

A hallway overrun with sick patients, on oxygen, ventilators, and intubated. Crammed up less than an inch away from each other. Everything was so chaotic, loud, and busy. Nurses taking my vitals writing down my bp, oxygen level, and temp on paper towels and stuffing it in there coats. All I could do was look around at all the scared people. Just a few inches from me a man was getting intubated, workers dragging oxygen tanks from one patient to the next. Some of us had a mask on, but having mine on made it a lot harder for me to breathe even with the oxygen and the more I panicked the more I gasped for air. I should have the mask on, there are a lot of sicker patients than me. All the while my phone is blowing up, the family chat is filled with everyone talking about me. Everyone asking if I'm ok and I'm clearly not. After a few hrs, I got an Xray in the hallway still, while I keep telling anyone who would listen, I can't breathe even with the oxygen. They told me my oxygen levels are ok and I need to stay calm. It was a few hrs later till I was pushed into another room to be admitted. A smaller room but just as crowded. Many of the beds next to me read DNR. It was a whole day later and I was still waiting for a room and bed. The entire room cleared out and new sicker people got priority. My tests haven't come back yet but the nurses kept telling me I definitely have it and probably have pneumonia too. Cool

Long story short, I was in respiratory failure and had pneumonia.


They started giving me that drug Trump keeps promoting Hydroxychloroquine which is terrifying because doctors flat out told me there is no proof or data this works. But it could. And there was, of course, many articles I had read before getting sick about people who have taken this drug and died from it. I got worse before I got better. The fever ran hi everyday. In 48 hrs my oxygen levels got worse. Nurses started bringing me blood thinners, to prevent blood clots. I was told because of my heart medication, but I had never been on heart medication in my life. When I questioned it they told me my PCP confirmed I was. This was alarming because as far as I know there is nothing wrong with my heart. I later found out the blood thinners were given to me for another reason, to prevent my blood from clotting, because apparently that was a newer symptom they had discovered, there's just not a lot of communication happening.

I was hospitalized for 13 days due to COVID 19 and pneumonia. A week later I was asked to talk to a psychiatrist about my mental health. Which I'm sad to admit there was one night in there I had given up and thought it would be easier to just let go.  I don't remember if I told my sister this but the timing was strange, she must've told my doctor.


Shortly after I was told I qualified for Plasma infusion. To be honest I didn't know what that meant and was still worried about any treatment potentially making me worse. But I consulted with my family and my sister in law is a doctor and she assured me it's safe and I should definitely do the treatment.

Thank god I agreed, because that's what saved me. My symptoms started to improve after 2 dosages of plasma. That and my friends and family and all the support saved me. My sister made me feel safe and loved even from afar. Talked to my doctor every single day, made sure I came home to a better environment. Brought me groceries, I love you. Thank you for taking the stress off me and keeping the family informed when I was too weak to reply to anyone.
My friends who delivered packages and groceries to me, kept me company while I was in an out of consciousness thru my fevered state. Who kept me sane, and from going to dark places, sent me food, clean pajamas, healing crystals, and even went to my apt to clean and fix up the place. My friends who had to learn how to package/ label and ship out orders because I had pending orders for 2 weeks now and was always worrying about my business and lack of communication on social media.
I had to turn off my store to stop orders from coming in. My friends who stood in front of a random building that I had a view of from my room so they can wave to me from 7 stories hi. I really love you guys.
To all my family who was worried and praying thank you, to all my family who has sent me money to help me along with my recovery during isolation. It means the world to me. To my doctor who held my hand and comforted me while I was scared and struggling to breathe. This is insane. I'm so grateful to be alive and beat this thing, it's overwhelming. Okay, this is definitely longer then I intended.


Here's the deal I was MIA, I was really sick, I have amazing friends and family I am soo lucky I am recovering. My store has been paused since the beginning of the month with no explanation of why. As you can see I had to prioritize my health and yours first. I was not about to risk exposing anyone for a few bucks. I lost my job, this company is my only source of income now so we're gonna come back even stronger.


Before the quarantined happened we were working on a new collection and a new Restock date. Unfortunately, that was paused but only temporarily. A lot of things are currently sold out in the shop. As of now, we are still not in production but I'm counting down the days till we can get started up again and making new things for you guys. To be honest I'm eager to be productive again but I am still not 100 percent and any little activity leaves me really tired.

Soo as of now, May 14th. Big restock on your favorite bars, a new collection, new bars. I can't wait!!! As of now, the shop is open but supplies are limited.
But we just want to reassure you that your safety and mine is our highest priority, so please be patient and know we are doing everything in our power to do this right and safely.

Production for new collection will not start until May, so please bear with me as I try to get things up and running again.  I want to assure you guys I am doing my best and everything will be done with your safety in mind. Although I am cleared and in recovery, we still want to give it time as always I will be handling production and shipping with even more safety precautions than before.

Lastly, I just want to say that over the course of the last few weeks things have changed dramatically. The world is a different place now. Please, please please be safe and keep your loved ones safe. Those who are hi risk please stay in isolation. This virus is so deadly. Stay safe and blessed. If you guys have any questions about anything I've talked about here or my experience in general. Please ask away. I'm eager to get my life and business back to some sort of normalcy.



  • So glad you are ok and healthy. I just recently discovered your shop at the Bronx Market where I bought a few products and can not wait to buy more! Sending healthy and healing vibes. xo

    Jahayra Muñoz
  • I am so glad you are ok and recovered!! Oh wow.Thanks for sharing this because I still feel like people need to know the Rona is real! Everytime we wear our masks, we are doing our little part to help society. I’m hoping the business will be profitable enough for you to completely take the place of a JOB. BLESSINGS and continued well wishes from Colorado!

    Aldrena R.
  • Thank GOD you recovered and are better now! This was so heartbreaking to hear what you went through. Thank you for sharing your story! I love your products and your knowledge of the gems/stones!

  • Hey Chica!!!omg this just floored me! Every time I went in my bathroom & saw my soap getting low I was like “damn I gotta hit Carolina up” Mama damn Im really crying I’m so sorry this Corona is no joke. I’m so thankful you came through!!🙏🏽

  • Hey Chics omg this just floored me! Every time I went in my bathroom & saw my soap getting low I was like “damn I gotta hit Carolina up” Mama damn I really crying I’m so sorry this Corona is no joke. I’m so thankful you came through!!🙏🏽


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